Episode 154 Tinker Bell

Ep. 154 Tinker Bell

This week we talk about the Rebel Rendezvous merchandise catalog and what we now know about Star Wars 4 and Star Wars Weekends Vinylmation. Brendt takes over co-host duties with Nick and we come up with our Top 10 Character vinyls that need to be made. Email your Top 10 or post it here and we will read it on next week’s show.

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2 Comments for “Episode 154 Tinker Bell”

  1. I so want a Mighty Ducks Wild Wing, either in the old ducks jersey or in combat gear. I would love a full 12 piece set from this cartoon.

  2. I agree with you on Walt Disney. (He is my #1 for next vinylmation to be made.) it would be great if they created a 2-pack for the park series of the Mickey and Walt Disney statue that sits outside the castle.

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