RoE: Marvel Vinylmation

Update - Added HQ photos of all 11 known figures, combo topper and LE combo

Marvel Series
12 figure blind box set
Expected release date: October 11th, 2013
Expected price: $12.95

Combo topper
Expected release date: October 11th, 2013
Expected price: $24.95

Yellow Jacket and Wasp
LE 1000
Expected release date: November 8th, 2013
Expected price: $29.95

Update: All the figures plus the combo topper, Hawkeye

We have seen these several times, but here are some nice close ups of several of the Marvel characters. I am really liking these in person!

6 Comments for “RoE: Marvel Vinylmation”

  1. This is a benchmark set. Thomas Scott shines here.

  2. Saving my money! From now on, I’m sticking to Disney related series. If Disney does a Disney character series where they are dressed as Marvel characters, I may buy the ones I like, but this series has nothing to do with Mickey (the basic shape underneath the paint).

  3. that’s funny i thought the mickey ears on all vinylmation had everything to do with mickey

    • Destination Vinylmation

      I think he’s saying that the outside (Marvel) has nothing to do with Mickey (the shape underneath, including the ears)

  4. I took more time to look at these, every time I do I want them more. I noticed that the color of the actual Hulk Vinylmation is much closer to where it should be compared to what we saw on the preview cards.

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