Mickey’s Circus Explained

Mickey’s Circus Trading Event
Where: Walt Disney World, EPCOT World Showplace
When: September 7-9, 2012 (Vinylmation day is 9/9/12 from 9:30a-5:30p)
Important Links:
Vinylmation Catalog
Pin Catalog

Silent auction catalog 

Registration: Registration now closed! RSP emails have been sent out! Tickets are $60 for Vinylmation day only and $120 for Pin days only. Remember, separate admission is required for the 2-day Pin event and the 1-day Vinylmation event. Click here for Vinylmation registration. Click here for Pins registration.
What: A ticketed trading event for pins and Vinylmation. The year’s largest pin and Vinylmation event. Guests play games, trade, purchase exclusive merchandise and see upcoming designs. This year the theme is a circus. Does this relate to Storybook Circus opening at the Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland?

The first two days are dedicated to pins with the Vinylmation day taking place on Sunday, September 9 from 9:30am-5:30pm. Admission to the Vinylmation day only is $60 per guest. That does not include EPCOT admission which is required. The Vinylmation day will include trading games, a guest trading area, even specific vinyls for purchase, and event vinyl as a gift, artist signings, upcoming figures on display and a presentation announcing upcoming Vinylmation.

Update 08/22/12 Itinerary released by Disney. Silent auction catalog released.

Update 6/30/12 Some of the packaging product shots have been released

I love the Big Top look… perfect for display.

Dumbo and Jumbo are in a different style box, but it still works. We also have been shown some concept art.

Ron Cohee drew that Ringleader Mickey at last year’s Florida Project and here is a look at the vinyl and stand.

This Caley Hicks 9″ seal was originally supposed to be a 3″ Urban. Here is a look at the reverse and original drawing the figure is based on.

And we have Eric Cazatt’s Lion concept art side by side with the 9″ figure.

Update 6/15/12 Disney has released info on the Free Vinylmation gift for registered attendees! It is a 3″ Jumbo with Jr Dumbo set!

Update 5/19/12 Disney updated the catalog to include more figures available for purchase.

3″ Bongo and Lulubell Combo Set
LE 500
Monty Maldovan

9″ Circus Lion
LE 100
Eric Caszatt

9″ Circus Seal
LE 100
Caley Hicks

Update 04/11/12 Disney has released full catalog and preview images of the Vinylmation that will be available at the event.

3″ Ringmaster Mickey
LE 1500
Ron Cohee
3″ Circus Minnie and Goofy combo pack
LE 750
Ron Cohee

Update 03/29/12 Disney announced important dates and shows off a new graphic. On April 11th we will get a sneak peak to the merchandise items. On May 19th, registration opens! (That is also World Circus Day according to Disney)

Update 02/16/12 We have the event poster, and artist rendering and some teaser images.

Official event poster
Artist drawing at Florida Project points to possible event figure
Teaser squares released on the official Disney Pin website
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  1. Just hope it’s not as chaotic as last years. Waiting in line to trade for almost an hour. Disney has to understand that $90 for Epcot admission and $40 for event is very steep to be waiting in long lines

  2. OMG, love the artist drawing with mickey in circus suit

  3. Hope I can get my hands on this set.

  4. 35vinylmations

    So cute. Please can someone tell me where u find 80s dale

  5. U G L Y!!!!

  6. vinyl collector

    Where: Walt Disney World, EPCOT Wold Showplace

    you ment…

    , EPCOT World Showplace

  7. My husband and I will be attending ALL of Mickey’s Circus. I have not seen any releases as to trade night (public usually Thurs. pm). If they do host the bimonthly trade night, will there be a PTN pin released? Also, I do not see a public time for Sunday… dare I hope that the whole day is for me?

    • Destination Vinylmation

      We’ve heard rumor that there will not be a public time on Sunday. We probably would have known by this time.

    • Destination Vinylmation

      They hinted to a Thursday Trading Night at the last WDW Trade Night and showed off the WDW September PTN pin as Figment.

  8. Silent Auction catalogue is up. Chance to own some unreleased figures.

  9. I will be going on sunday and this will be my first disney event, I am very excited but a bit scared since i have heard these events turn grown adults into 5 year olds with tantrums. Hope its as amazing as I hope. I got one of each of the vinylmations on my RSP :) anyone have any tips about what to do and what to avoid?

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