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The Mickey’s Circus catalog updated today and as expected, there is a 3″ two pack and two 9″ figures added to the lineup. Check them out and leave your thoughts below… and don’t forget, registration for this huge yearly Vinylmation and Pin event begins at noon tomorrow. Check out our Mickey’s Circus Explanation page for the other Vinylmation and all the details you need.

Bongo and Lulubell “Fun and Fancy Free”
Artist: Monty Maldovan
LE 500
Retail: $26.95

Circus Lion
Artist: Eric Caszatt
LE 100
Retail: $150


Circus Seal
Artist: Caley Hicks
LE 100
Retail: $150

So there you have it. A few new Vinylmation additions to the catalog. The two 9″ figures both break the bank at $150!!! But they have heard our concerns and have given us some extremely low LE collectibles. I just wonder who will pay the price for these non-Disney themed creations. The lion has some great lines and just has a wonderfully fanciful look to it, but I can not afford it. I may have opened my wallet at a $40 price tag. The seal is a great effort, but just misses for me. I know what the artist is trying to do with the ball in the ear balancing on the nose, but I can hardly tell what it is from straight on. Bongo and Lulubell surely fit into the circus theme, but not something I personally have enough of a connection to, to purchase as an LE set here. I would have welcomed them into an Animation series however, because the designs are great. The faces really come to life with expression. And here too, I like the low LE of 500.

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12 Comments for “More Mickey’s Circus Vinylmation”

  1. I think those two 9 inches are very poorly done…and to charge that ridiculous price for them? No thanks. I wouldn’t even be interested in them as 3 inchers

  2. Eh.

    The lion is cool but not a 9″ I would want. The seal… I could hardly recognize it at first until it was pointed out that it’s from a side view – again, cool but not something I’m interested in. I agree Bongo and Lulubell should’ve been for Animation but I do like the decrease in LE. Now if most are going to buy them all is another story. LOL.

  3. It’s good that those 9″ animals are LE 100, because they would never sell out otherwise. Though at $150 each, I still see them not selling out immediately.

  4. I think the low edition size is a good direction, less is more with 9″.

  5. I really love the Bongo and Lulubell. Will definitely want to add those two to my collection.

  6. LE size of 100 to 150 is a okay but the price is a joke. You guys go from one extreme to another Disney. The sweet spot for LE IMO is 450 to 650 at a price point of $44.95 to $55.95 ($39.95 would be great but I know that’s going to happen ) Just make good designs and not to many at a one time. Disney you won’t have a problem selling them

  7. So…I think that some prediction points should be added to DisneyMozart :D lol :D I think it’s fantastic that they are doing the Bongo and LulAbell set, and it makes me wish that I could go because this was a short in one of my favorite movies growing up…the vcr could never rewind (back when it actually had to be reWOUND) fast enough for me to watch Fun and Fancy free :D too bad I can’t g to the event :D


  8. Nobody has mentioned that the 9″ are on old mold. Might mean more interest from OMC people, that combined with the very low LE will probably mean they will sell out at the event. Although the high price point will put off quite a few people.
    I’m not a fan of the Lion, something about the eyes, and that mane can’t really be shown off on the vinylmation mold.

  9. I agree that the price is a little much for the 9″s but love the fact there le 100, and are great designs. I will most defitnely be adding alll of these to my collection.

  10. U G L Y!!! Will not waste money on those

  11. [...] going to be the kind of breakout star we all hoped for, even though they did see fit to give him a Vinylmation. It’s like Bill and Ted, or Bosom Buddies. One guy goes on to get all the glory, the other [...]

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