Vinylmation Speculation with Mike Boon: Muppets 3 Wrapup

Well it’s been 12 days, and here is Mike’s complete set of 12 figures, including the Jim chaser. Starting tomorrow, Mike will be back with another set of 12 for his “series 4″. We hope you’ve enjoyed these pieces and continue to enjoy the work Mike does. Which were you favorites from series 3?
Mike Boon joins us every day this month with speculation of a future Muppet Series vinylmation. For past posts click here. You can also check Mike out at his own blog:
Vinylmation Speculation with Mike Boon: Muppets 3 Wrapup, 3.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Are these real? Or are these fan made? These would be perfect!! They are so well done!!!

    • Destination Vinylmation

      Fan made. Mike Boon makes some fantastic speculation designs. Check out his Toy Story and other Muppets sets.

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