It’s a Small Vinylmation Set

No really, Junior Vinylmation are tiny. Series 4 was teased today with a tweet by Vinylmation Designer Thomas Scott. Only a few hours later, is confirming the series.

Each one of the pieces in the Juniors 4 set will be related to the “It’s a Small World” ride. The series is by Thomas Scott and will “make it’s debut” at the D23 event in August in California.

Here’s a look at the sides of the box.

So far we’ve seen two pieces, a tiger and a kid. Disney promises more to come.

So it looks like a Small World Theme for Jr. 4. We have to ask, what would you like to see in this set? Do you have some favorite Small World characters? Email us photos of your favorites and we will post them. It looks like there will be all humans and animals as well!

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5 Comments for “It’s a Small Vinylmation Set”

  1. Awesome!!! Bravo Thomas and Crew.

  2. I am so exicted about this. Must buy set!!!!!

  3. Kevin Tolentino

    Way too fast and another case or series . Dont you guys understand that this is crazy enough. Hope these could stick longer so I can get a few trades in for some of the ones I like.

    However with this, lion king, muppets 2 9 inches, park 6 9 inches, alice in wonderland…etc……

    Its way to much too handle, and also with POP released, which was bad timing in my view to put a new collectible out on the market when vinyls are still the thing. It gives collectors or fans stress on to choose whether to do both or one activity in particular

  4. Also in the small world set is the Hippo seen I think in the African section.

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